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A object steal B's energy. B will be no longer acting briskly than A.
Now, A is commander of B.
My boyfriend do analfuck and It is my first time get ass sex. He just is so energetic and enervate my mind.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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1. dry someobject such as squid, for people want to eat it like jerky.
3. Make someone discouraged,depressed, and listless.
1. Fisher got tons of squid and they will desiccate them to sell in the fisher market. But It smells like corps.
2. My pet just throw up all her food, and she is desiccated with no more vigor.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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In politics, democratic part reflect intransigent attitude towards communitarian politicians. They rarely compromise each other. They are too inexnorable and intransigent.
One of my roomate always full our room with her stuffs and she barely clean the dishes and foods. One day, Me,another roomate sara, and the bitch, filthy, dirth, chick discuss this problem. But, she never withdraw or resign from her intransigent, inflexible, dogged opinion. Holly shit mother fucker.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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In the supercourt, judger should decide whether the accuser is not guilty or not upon the evidence,testimony,allegations by attorney's. The victim, man who get suffered by others inculpate the offender to own the court case and get rewarded.
The two freak pervert,criminals who raped granny in the public street went to supercourt, for the family members of granny inculpate them for 1 billion dollars. Wooppppppppp
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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arguing over and over then many gonna stuck in the abysmal riddle which is not immutable. Because they got slump, it will be hard to get out of the hell like quarrel.
My sister will take entrance examination after 2 months, but very erratic and nefarious sister do not allow her study distracting each family members.Ensuing this event, she finally resent and fuck babbling slangs.
by purinsy September 4, 2008
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After Someone argue,give opinion,allege,and assist his or her thought, he or she does not accept or withdraw his or her previous comment or conviction.
Europian woman politician once said that she never support or give much privilege any woman-right's communities, but, just one week later, she recant her remarks on woman-right's association ,when addressing in front of the woman audience.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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to lengthen(a word or phrase)to a longer form. the act or product of extending.
The fashion magazine vogue editor will not be willing to assistant's such short writing, so Mary is going to ask for to protract deadline to edit her essays.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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