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Literally an insult to ANYONE'S intelligence. This isn't for pre-schoolers, this is for people in comas. The show includes an annoying Spanish girl that constantly does dangerous, stupid shit and has parents that apparently approve of said dangerous, stupid shit. Way to teach the kids, asshole. Then, as if they haven't been stupifying us enough with their inane bullshit, they ask the most obvious questions, and (in case you are blind or dead) point them out in the most obvious manner. For example, Dora asks "Where is Benny the Bull's farm?" Suddenly, the camera pans the the side until there is nothing left BUT the barn. Then, a tornado comes down to draw your attention to the spot where the barn is, while a giant flashing arrow points directly at it. And then, as if we (or the children, or whatever) were to dumb to find it, a shitty blue cursor "beats us to the punch" as the little bitch mockingly congratulates us on a job well done. Fuck you, you little shit! Also, Dora travels along with a gay little monkey (no offense intended, I'm just pointing out he's gay) that is literally incapable of anything but whinning and bitching the entire fucking show. Then, at least once a show, they run into the residental badass, Swiper the fox, who steal items from them and conviniently tosses them into a pile of similar items - that is, unless Dora, Boots and of course, you utter out the phrase "Swiper, don't swipe it" three times, which causes the sneaky fox to snap his fingers mafia-style and run away like a pussy. Wow, a real gangsta, that one. If I was Swiper, I'd bite Dora's tits of and shove them down Boot's mouth. Then I'd break my own neck on a tree for being such a pansy. What a shit show.
by punchline February 28, 2005

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A loyal and brave country that is widely misunderstood as a bad guy for some strange reason. Not perfect, but certainly not evil. They have a rich culture and a very unique language, as well as very intellectual people (however, out of all those smart ones, it's usually the dumb ones that are placed in positions of power). Serbia consists of many people who's pride matters most, and they seldom (for a lack of better term) take shit from anyone, and even though sometimes they are no match, they still keep their ground. Serbia is a beautiful country, with beautiful women. However, it's currently going through a lot of crap, which is a damn shame.
Kraljevic Marko is by far one of the most badass heroes ever!
by punchline February 28, 2005

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The cornucopia of awesome, Patrick is a dumb, pink starfish that often hangs out with his best pal Spongebob, as they wander around their hometown, Bikini Bottom, blessing the ocean with their stupidity. He is the dumber of the two (and that's saying something), but often has sudden bursts of genius, which disappear faster than they came. He is also the funnier of the two because he has the most badass voice and also because he had reached the absolute zenith of stupidity. That's right, Patrick Star had mastered the art of dumbassness (in a good way).
He rocks and you know it.
"The inner mechanations of my mind are an enigma."

"If I ever found the jerk that threw that peanut, I'd have a few choice words with him. Like, uh, "you". And "are". And "a jerk"!"

Patrick: "Well here's your problem! You have it set to M for Mini, when all you have to do is set it to W for Wumbo!"
Spongebob: "Partick, I don't think Wumbo is a word..."
Patrick: "C'mon! I Wumbo. You Wumbo. He, she, we Wumbo. Wumbology, the study of Wumbo. It's first grade, Spongebob!"
Spongebob: "I never should have doubted you, Patrick!"

*The quotes might not be exactly as they are on TV. Let's hope my memory serves me right*
by punchline March 06, 2005

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Something that is insanely and/or tremendously awesome; a person or thing saturated in asskickery.
Person 1: Whoa! Check out that dude riding on that T-Rex!
Person 2: He's so fucking Vladtastic!
by punchline March 06, 2005

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A state of mind which contains badassness to the eleventh power; a vladtastic person's disposition.
Person 1: Dude, check out that guy! He's bailing out of a super-sonic blimp to body slam that dynamite-strapped polar bear!
Person 2: He's got mad vladitude!
by punchline March 07, 2005

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Oh, man...I would rather feed myself my own nuts than watch this asswipe movie again. Overrated just doesn't cut it. I can picture the making of the idea. The director wiped his ass and wanted to check if there was corn on the toilet paper. Upon looking at his shit, he got inspired and decided to re-create it in movie form. I seriously don't get it, the movie is so dull, it's like watching a bunch of brain-dead morons counting dust particles. Fuck, man, I would rather have my head lopped off and eaten by wild boars than watch this lame puddle of piss again. It's border-line disturbing, follwing the life some asshat liar that draws shitty pictures, trying to help his friend win a virtually pointless school election that, unlike a million other movies, symbolizes that the little guy can top the big guy (not realizing that the only reason people don't vote for him is because he's got shit ideas, just like this whole fucking movie). But that's not it! If you still have all your brain cells or if you're not suffering a lame-induced seizure yet, stay tuned to see Mr. Dy-na-mite deal with his embarassing uncle and nerdy brother! WOW! What a crock of pig-shit. I had more fun dislocating my shoulder. Seriously, that's all that happens. Then there's some stupid catch phrases like "Gosh" and "Heck, yeah!" that HAVE ONLY BEEN USED SINCE FUCKING FOREVER and are now considered the wittiest thing in the world, regardless of the fact that they have been pulled out of a seven year old's ass. Seriously, it's unoriginal and JUST PLAIN...AUGH! I seriosuly don't think that I can ever find a word that is even relatively close to how shit this movie is. There is no wit or some thought-provoking, hidden symbolism, so don't bother looking. What you see is literally what you see: a bunch of dumbass idiots doing nothing but wasting your time with pointless shit that had miraculously passed off as humour. My...God. It hurts me to even use that word in association with this atrocity. Well, either that or it's hidden REALLY, REALLY well. I highly doubt it, though, seeing how this movie is connected with MTV. As for the low budget thing, why would someone spend money on this shit when they couldn't even spend any creativity on it? But the icing on the cake is all the impressionable idiot sheep that jerk off to every word uttered from that retard Napoleon's mouth and that try to fit as many of his dip-shit catch phrases in a single sentance as possible. This movie is just plain ass.
Hey, I'm Napoleon Dynamite and I yell at llamas because I'm a dumb-shit idiot that has the impeccable talent of recognizing different substances in milk! HAHAHA! Hilarious!
by punchline February 28, 2005

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A country that is fairly good now, but used to be filled with tremendous sadistic asshats and corrupt shitheads. Still has some, but a lot of people had changed and are much better. A lot of them are egotistical, however, or just plain too patriotic. It litteraly makes me uneasy to watch their TV because every other word has something to do with Croatia. It's like they have to remid everyone where they are every six seconds in case they forget. Although, they are a proud owner of extremely good ice cream and hot, yet loose women.
Croatia looks like a pterodactyl on the map.
by punchline February 28, 2005

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