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The fox from the kids show Dora the Explorer. This weird fox continuously stalks young Dora and her monkey companion Boots in their travels.
This show has so much questionable content. Jesus. What they have the kids watching these days.
by Leiko October 07, 2004
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Border control on the childrens show Dora the Explorer
Dora: Swiper don't swipe it, Swiper don't swipe it, Swiper don't swipe it.
Swiper: Awww man.
by CaTcH My STANK September 26, 2010
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A Swiper is a man that has a large penis, and uses it on females daily. The word swiper come from the slang word Swipe which means penis. Some would define them as "man whores".
man 1- hey bro i just boned some hot girl that i just met!
man2- haha nice man your a swiper.
by jeremih June 08, 2009
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In online gaming, someone who swipes their (or their mom’s) credit card in return for in-game benefits and/or stuff that other people either have to work for or can’t get without spending real-life cash. Usually a player with low or non-existent skill. Derived from “to swipe”.

Synonym: whale.
Player A: Damn, did you see X went up the equipment leaderboard yesterday? He’s got new gear!
Player B: Didn’t he just get new gear last week? No matter how much his mom lets him spend on this game, that swiper still gonna be bad #pay2win
by operatorNukem August 23, 2018
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a person who’s job it is to "confiscate" peoples personal belongings (such as: cell phones, iPODS, cameras etc) during the duration of the school day, this person requires that you bring your parent into school to get it back for you.

A swiper usually has “swipey sense” which alerts him/ her whenever a group of students happen to have out their phones and/ or iPODS.
kid on phone " yeah for sure we can hangout tonight"
random student " OH NO SWIPER, PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE!"
swiper " i'll be taking that! make sure your parent comes to school to retrieve it for you"
kid on phone " but, but, but I NEED THAT"
swiper: "well, isn't that just too bad"

... and so the story goes.
by swipers anonymous May 18, 2007
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Describing the exposure of a butt-crack of a person sitting down with a shirt too high, and pants too low. The crack resembles a credit card swiper...hence the term swiper.
"That girl in front of me has a swiper!" or in a warning tone to friends (similar to XYZ-Examine Your Zipper) such as, "Dude, swiper."
by Richard Gonzales September 06, 2007
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