the state of being badass
Anthony and Chanelle will always be known for their badassness.
by chennla May 29, 2008
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characteristic of badass, totally awesome, cool as fucking shit, super rad, a more down to earth version of holiness. can also be used as a suitable title of honor.
I sure wish some of my badassness could rub off on that officer giving me this bullshit parking ticket.
by miss christa February 22, 2010
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Something so badass that it needs an extra 6 letters,thus making badassness
Dude that car is made of badassness
by Son.Of.Khaine February 22, 2010
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generally just being cooler than everyone else; kristen; jenna's middle name.
You're just jealous of my badassness.
by Sarah Beaver August 25, 2006
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One who know that they are super bad
Jane badassness was flowing out of her.
by heyyou0426 September 8, 2009
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(noun) The state of being badass.
That pitcher has had badassism take over his body, he is mowing hitters down!
by playaaaaaaahatin June 20, 2009
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