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Winter's answer to sunburn. During the winter, low temperatures and high winds can cause skin to dry out excessively, losing the top layer of oil that normally protects it. The skin swells up slightly, turns red, and stings like sunburn.

Windburn can be treated fairly easily by applying vaseline or chap stick (to ease the burning sensation), using aloe moisturizers, and treating the skin with care for a few days. It can be prevented by covering and protecting exposed skin (especially ears, lips, and nose), switching to mild soaps and cleansers (preferably moisturizing soaps), and avoiding long stretches of exposure when the wind chill is particularly strong.
When I was out snowboarding all day, I got windburn all over my face.
by progamer124 August 07, 2005
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Name made up for sunburn because people didn't know they could get sunburn while the sun was covered by clouds
Girl- Im all red like a sunburn but the sun isn't out. Lets make up a random term that we know nothing about. Ill call it wind burn cause that makes tons of sense.
by Freakmeout April 01, 2010
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Old name for a sunburn contracted on a cloudy day.
"I don't know how I got this sunburn.... It's been cloudy all week."

"Oh, that's a wind burn. Ultraviolet still gets through the clouds."
by Furb April 14, 2006
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