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A male drama queen. A male member of the human species who cannot control his emotions and otherwise goes out of control in on an emotional outrage.
I wish he weren't such a drama king!

He's seriously acting like SUCH a drama king, Gosh.
by Prankmaster May 26, 2005
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The ability to say things over the phone that normally would be difficult to convey.
Todd: Man, I can't believe Lisa called me a cunt rag!
James: Don't worry about it man, she wouldn't have said that to your face, she just grew some phoneballs.
by prankmaster May 18, 2007
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Pronunciation: kän-f&-fucking-'den(t)-sh&l
Function: adjective

1. fucking private, fucking secret, nobody's damn business;
2. containing information whose unauthorized fucking disclosure could be prejudicial to the national fucking interest.
"It's confi-fucking-dential Sherrol!"

"Dude, did you tell her what I said about her ass? That was confi-fucking-dential!"
by prankmaster July 25, 2006
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Pronounciation: fan - AY - zing
When something, someone, or some event is somewhere between fantastic and amazing.
Man, do you see that girl over there? She's fanazing!

Wow. (roll over in bed) That was fanazing.
by prankmaster May 17, 2006
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Type: exclamation

1. Anything that Manny lieks;
2. Something that someone else lieks, but can be misconstrued as something that Manny lieks;
3. Boobies;
4. Good shit, and/or hookah;
5. Misspelling the word liek.
Example 1:
Manny: "Man, this hookah is smooth, good shit."

Example 2:
Manny: "Dude, I just added this great CD to my iPod."

Example 3:
Manny: "There was this chick in Mexico that was letting dudes suck on her tits and showing her panoch for a dollar."

by prankmaster September 12, 2006
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Synonymous to phoneballs, teleballs enable one to say things telephonically, that is, over the phone, that they would not normally be capable of saying when face-to-face.

See phoneballs.
"Dude, last night, I totally told Karen that she's a douche bag."

"Yeah, but Robbie, let's face it. You're like every other 'obbie' out there, you just grew a pair of teleballs. And dude, you smell like piss."
by prankmaster June 28, 2007
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Type: Adjective

The politically correct way of describing something as "negatively gay," also meaning, but not limited to:

1. stupid;

2. dumb;

3. not Karta;

4. going against all things that are cool;

5. going against all the teachings of Kooch.

Anti-heterosexualism may be used to describe diseases, but it is not advised.

If your reaction to "curing a ham" is "OMG you guys the ham is sick?" then you may be anti-heterosexual.
"That is so anti-heterosexual."

"That shirt he is wearing is very anti-heterosexual."

"I can't believe she's dating her. That's seriously anti-heterosexual."
by prankmaster July 12, 2005
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