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Website designed with the sole intention of letting college kids continue to stalk their friends which they "collect", and have a nice network of organizing "parties" which are basicaly a bunch of people who congregate to listen to loud crap ass music with little to do except get shit faced and contract STDs. Oh, and going to such events lets you brag to everyone the next day. Face it, they dont think you are cool. They just laugh and say "yeah I heard that shit was off the hook", and then lose that much more respect for you as a person and trash you behind your back. Facebook is often seen as the "classy" version of myspace. Many think they fact that you are in college automaticaly makes you mature, even though these same people dont realize that facebook is just a prettier spin on the same wierd ass way to waste time known as myspace. People who have facebook acounts generaly think that myspace is "gay" and "sloppy" and they dont use it since it is for "losers who go to highschool." In reality, facebook is the same as myspace, only the freaks who continue to have no lives after highschool dont want to admit that they still spend their time the same way they did when they were kids(collecting friends, leaving comments, "pimping" their profile, and checking up on their EXs, which is stalking in my book) hence the "classy" image and fancier name. Those with facebook accounts ought to be honest with themselves, and realize that facebook is just like myspace, your not cool because you use it, its not only for college students as many highschool and even middle school students are jumping on the train, therefore it is not an elitest group, people with both sides of their brain functioning laugh at you, and if you genuinly use a website like myspace/facebook/ect simply to keep up with friends(notice the lack of quotes, this denotes that you genuinly like these people and they like you back, and you actualy care about them and want to keep in contact) after highschool, there is no reason to not just use myspace. If everyone used myspace, it would be that much simpler, instead of trying to create "societies" online for people with different levels of education and levels of intelligence/actual abilities to bond with people. I.E. People with facebook and or myspace acounts and check them more than every now and then tend to have low intelligence and low ability to make actual friends. Some people actualy have nothing better to do with their lives that they create BOTH myspace and facebook accounts.(see dumbass) These people are clearly to vain and mentaly inept to go have an actualy social life, so instead they sit on their computer and read comments full of acronyms(that make no sense and make you sound like a pre pubescent girl writing a love note) and words like "love" and "adore" which are constantly thrown around and therefore lose their meaning. In short facebook is simply a euphemism for myspace, which tends to be embraced by 18-25 "adults" who enjoy denying the reality of their pathetic lives.
Facebook is like Myspace, only it's more pathetic and its users have a lower average intelligence.
by por-sha August 19, 2007

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Really really hilarious website. The deffinitions below this may condemn it and its "authors" by saying they are rude and steroetypical, however these people apparently enjoy indulging in constant hipocrasy, as they are also rude and sterotypical. Note the morons who call the people who write clever and witty deffinitions for words "lifeless douchbag whiny teen homosexual faggot mom rapers...ect ect ect." BITTER IRONY-these people are writing deffinitions with the sole intent of making fun of people who write deffinitions here. Of course, some people are just lacking in common sense.(and no, the deffinitions here are not all useless, sometimes this site is extremely helpful) Where else would you find the deffinitions for some of these words?
While urban dictionary .com is polluted by hipocritical crusty men with nothing to do except insult the youth that their generation raised, I still spend hours here laughing histericaly and gaining a bit of enlightenment at the same time.
by por-sha August 14, 2007

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