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An ankle biter is Antipodean slang for a very small child, therefore anklebitingly implies childish
I would have thought that was anklebitingly fucking obvious!
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
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"Tossing a wobbler" is a well-known phrase for losing your temper. A tosswobbler is therefor a temper loser.
Jeez, what a tosswobbler! I only asked him to shift his fat arse!
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
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well, what the fuck do YOU think it means?
some cunning linguists are merely trouser gobblers in drag...
by poodlewrestler November 10, 2003
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only a snotgobbler like Robert could have promoted so fast.
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
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Originally a aerosol product used for providing a non-slip surface for elements of male genitalia, it is now available as a cream for applying to slippery politicians.
that weasely George Bush could drown in Slibo Grippe and still slip into a second term...
by poodlewrestler March 12, 2004
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someone who has one long eyebrow (usually bushy) right across their forehead. often implies untrustworthiness.
that Robert's a bit of a monobrow isn't he, Beverley?
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
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