Something that is (approximately) 32 inches beneath a cunt. Describing a woman that is beyond despicable.
Man,that Judy isn't a bitch, she's an ankle!
by jeff dorgay July 7, 2006
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A Hollywood biz term (used often in "Variety"), meaning to walk out of, or to quit, a job. Because if you just said "quit," more people would actually understand what you're talking about.
After two years at the helm of Telemundo, Lance Turgidson is ankling his position of CEO of the network to pursue a career as a mime.
by postmod April 12, 2005
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Extremely bitchy or useless woman. So-called because an ankle is two feet lower than a cunt.
by Holden McCrank January 31, 2003
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Ankles - A pseudonym of abject derision and abuse describing a person of absolutely unbelievably low moral or personal standards, being by definition "3 foot lower than a cunt".
After screwing his best friend's girlfriend on the side, Richards friends renamed him "Ankles"

Politicians generally rate so low on the the scale of social rankings, well below prostitutes, used-car salesmen and drug dealers, that an appropriate class definition for them is "Ankles".
by Whistleblower2 June 3, 2011
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Australian military slang, a derogatory term for a dishonest soldier.
"Ankles, lower than cunts."
by Rotten Ron Treepig September 13, 2011
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3 feet lower than a cunt.
I cant believe Elaine is being such an ankle!
by Sia Mimowitz June 22, 2007
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a completely miserable, bitchy, nagging female is referred to as an ankle because an ankle is 3 feet lower than a cunt. This is more commonly used when a man is speaking to his wife or girlfriend and therefor avoids being pummeled for calling his woman a cunt.
my old lady unloaded on me for leaving the toilet seat up. shes such an ankle!
by lobsta69 August 20, 2010
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