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Never Underestimate the Media’s Ability to Get It Wrong

Do they ever even try to get it right? Time after time the media reports things that just aren’t true. After 9-11 they reported nearly 6,000 dead. The terrorists killed about 3,000 and the media counted each person twice. What about the bombs on the GW bridge? And just about any breaking news is usually reported with inaccurate “facts” the first few times they report on it. Would anyone accept that from any other institution?

But that’s okay according to “the media” because it’s more important to get the news out fast. WTF?
“Sorry, Teacher. I know I got every answer on the test wrong. But I got it done faster than anyone else in class. So, I should still get an A!”

“Sorry Mr. Smith. We changed your tires instead of fixing the problem with your breaks and you got into an accident and killed three people. But look it this way, we got your car back to ya faster than any other shop would have.”

"The news said that Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened."

by plasmacobalt February 16, 2006
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