Meaning to physically flip a persons chart causing a disturbance or shift in emotion. The object being flipped is not limited to a chart but can also be a paper, an opinion, a human in a fight, or a finger. It can also be a metaphor alluding to the arousal of a man's private area. This term is commonly used by gang members (typically Bloods), Confederates, and overly dedicated baseball fans in a classroom setting but can also be used on the street.
Kim, if you and my man are fucking I will have no problem flipping your chart.

If I get one more low test score I'm gonna flip someone's chart.
by urbanconfederate99 May 10, 2017
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It means you want to engage in sexual acts with the person. Instead of only using your middle finger to give someone the bird, adding your thumb let’s said person know you want to get it on with them.
Kyle: *Flips girl off with thumb*
Girl: “He flipped me off with his thumb. He wants to fuck! Flipping someone off with your thumb means they want to do it!”
by November 17, 2020
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