23 definition by piyox420andreev

used as an adjective to describe a person that is way too clingy.
joan: tonight is girls night out and well be going out to dinner.

jon: Do you think I can come with you guys?

joan: Jon don't be such a cling kong, I just told you its girls night out.
by piyox420andreev July 24, 2010

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noun: another name for line or rail of a drug that will be inhaled through the nose.
Im about ready for another scadivit. What about you?
by piyox420andreev July 23, 2010

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(bee' plus stam peed?) n. The attempt by half the classroom to claim the paper with no name on it.
There was such a b+stampede at the exact moment mr.harper asked the class who's paper it was.
by piyox420andreev August 17, 2010

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Someone that doesnt have anything going for themselves in any way, shape, or form. A loser.
1-Dude, look at tanner over their trying to hump jens leg!

2-Wow... what a nillie nelson, like he would ever get into her pants!
by piyox420andreev August 16, 2010

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noun- A very young ripper at sports such as surfing, snowboarding, and skating.
Look at that little helg out there tearing it up like he owns the place.
by piyox420andreev August 13, 2010

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(bald' aj) n. The accumulation of hair in the drain after showering.
It's a hard hit to my manhood to look down and see all the baldage in my shower everyday.
by piyox420andreev August 17, 2010

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apparatus commonly used to smoke ice or meth, Similar to a bong used to smoke marijuana.
Hey Aaron pass me that werb already man its not a fuckin microphone!
by piyox420andreev July 22, 2010

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