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AKA bebe.
something cishet middle schoolers like to call their s/o and say that they’ll last thru high school and college and get married and said i love you 2 days after they start dating when in reality they’ll break up a week before summer break starts so they can have a hot girl/boy summer and date in high school. basically if u are like this u are literally so fucking annoying and i hope you never find love 😐. OR they could be those middle school girls that are, for some reason, obsessed with victoria’s secret PINK and think they’re better than everyone else, used the cat hesrt eyes emoji before cat emojis were trendy, have a 6 digit snap score, do instagram boomerangs and type like “yhu” “buh” “liek” “sum” “talmbout”, are usually caucasian or latina girls trying to act hood and ghetto when they actually live in a gated community and can get their nails done like every other week, ALSO they’re OBSESSED with making an instagram highlight just for their acrylic nails, and usually also a pick me girl
“hey bb 😻💕”
*on a snapchat story* “my bb 4eva
by pissbaby67 June 11, 2021
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i am oh so tempted to draw what my type looks like dear god
i am filled to the brim with cum and quesentine i just want to fuck a dark tall handsome mysterious pinterest boy but no one like that lives near where i live
by pissbaby67 June 7, 2021
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it is something your knees have; a synonym for quirky, alt, yaaasss green
woo chilley- mini-ethan’s knees have so much quesentine omg!!!
by pissbaby67 June 7, 2021
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She is beauty she is grace. Booty all up in her face. Won the contest, got first place. Out of orbit, out in space. An alien, destroying the human race. She likes silk and she likes lace, If she's scared, she pulls out mace. Detective got thrown off the case. She is swift, not leaving a trace. She has a super top secret base. Try to catch her it's a chase. If she was a playing card, she'd be ace. If you fight her, you'll be left in a neck brace. She is not fast, nor slow, she goes at her own pace. She likes pottery, she owns a vase. She likes musicals, operas, and plays. She owns the female gaze. Everyone falls for her, even the gays. She loves animals, she often takes in strays. She's always busy, gone for days. She leaves men in a daze. She likes a little fog, a little haze. She's complex, her brain is like a maze. She'll love, forever and always. On the evil, she preys. She is spiritual, she often prays. All her hard work, off it pays. She likes the beach, on the sand she lays. If you're an enemy, be prepared for a taze. And scene.
Ryah: I love pissbaby67.
Awooga: TRUUUUE.
by pissbaby67 February 6, 2022
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something straight girls think they are after commenting "rail me lol" on josh richard's tiktok videos.
"i want noah beck to choke me, im so kinky!"
by pissbaby67 December 26, 2020
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my friends who i've known since the 7th grade. the chub chub gang consists of my friends, emma and mariela, and i. we have a few inside jokes like "pissbaby67", kind of beautiful for that, i know a lot of things but idk about that, door creak, giant normas popsicle, quesentine, bean smoothie (we would roll eachother up in blankets and swing the person around), and mini-ethan. we also have jokes about mgg, timothée chalamet, and harry styles. (also 1d). what i love most about them is that they each contribute different things to the group as a whole. mariela has her food, emma has, well, bath and body works... and i OBVIOUSLYYYYY have the good looks in the group... anyways, they are great and i am very thankful for them. also mariela sorry for saying you could be a teacher. love you besfrans. also, schlime schlatt: tell your bts lover of a sister to go jerk off in your garden or something idk. btw i wonder where we'll be in 10 years.
chub chub gang is so sexy. chub chub gang is elite. chub chub gang likes smarties. chub chub gang consists of a lesbian, a cishet, and a ??pansexual. all in all, chub chub gang is sooooooooo quirky. 🤪
by pissbaby67 December 26, 2020
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