A girl who is amazingly and stupidly hot

She does track can and dance has an amazing voices and luscious lips

Has a manz who is insecure but within reason cause he loves her and would do any like literally anything for her and there’s relationship is Unlike anybody else’s and mostly end up together even after college
Ryah is so amazing
by Ashely17381738 September 10, 2019
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A representation of Love Art and Craziness
by Psych angel May 25, 2021
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Ryah is fun
Did u see how far ryahs ass got?
by kikiteriyaki November 23, 2021
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A really funny, athletic, stupid hot guy that will always come up with something funny to say

Very flirty personality and every chick loves him. Kinda looks like a mix of Ansel Elgort ans KJ Apa.you can see the enjoyment he gets from making people laugh
Person 1: who's that guy you were laughing with in class?

Person 2: oh that's Ryah he's hilarious
by Badass Blonde December 25, 2017
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ryah is my neice's name she was born yestie and i did some investagations and i found out that it means a really really hot chick :P
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Ryah Radish Papaya, or more commonly referred to as “Ryah.” Ryah is strangely good at math. Some could say they are a “Math genius.”
*ryah sees kevin in class*
Ryah Radish Papaya: Omg look at his big ass I wanna squish it.
by katie babatey August 6, 2021
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