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Ryah is a good friend that tells everyone everything. She gets called riah or ryan on a regular basis and is pissed because of that. She is really sexy and gets obsessed on one guy and one guy only but that guy doesnt fucking love her back.
Ryah is a sexy beast
by catslovecarrots August 22, 2018
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ryah is my neice's name she was born yestie and i did some investagations and i found out that it means a really really hot chick :P
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A really funny, athletic, stupid hot guy that will always come up with something funny to say

Very flirty personality and every chick loves him. Kinda looks like a mix of Ansel Elgort ans KJ can see the enjoyment he gets from making people laugh
Person 1: who's that guy you were laughing with in class?

Person 2: oh that's Ryah he's hilarious
by Badass Blonde April 21, 2018
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