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The condition tha occurs when eating something so damned spicy that it burns the anal tract. "Spicy in, spicy out". Also these symptoms will arise when eating bad food or ingesting items that have been in the refrigerator for way too long (i.e., leftovers from a restaurant that is now out of business).
Hey, I'm gonna enter that 100 hot wings eating contest. Dude, you are so gonna get lava butt. Yea, but I'll win $100.

I didn't think the Christmas casserole went bad, but I ended up with a real bad case of lava butt.
by piratemaxx February 15, 2009
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the politically correct way to recognize the three main holidays during the seasons. A quick and easy way to combine the three faiths (Christianity, Judaism, and people who celebrate Kwanzaa) rather than saying "Happy Holidays". The safe way to wish someone a happy holiday without accidentally offending him/her if they are not of the faith you assumed.
Happy KwanzaaChristmukkah
by piratemaxx December 20, 2010
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The spray painting of one's bowels on the backside of a toilet bowl and underside of toilet seat.
Man, I went to the public restroom and there was some serious ass splatter on the toilet. So I took a piss instead.
by piratemaxx February 15, 2009
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There are several variations to this dirty little limerick. I recited a slightly different version when I was a child in the 1970s:
Oom Chucka Willie from the coconut grove, he was a mean mother fucker, you could tell by his clothes.

He wore a black leather jacket and a hairy ass, between his balls there was a ton of grass.

He lined a hundred girls against the wall, swore to the devil he would fuck them all.

When he got to 99 he had to stop, his penis and balls were about to pop.

When he got to the doctor the doctor said,"Oom Chucka Willie your balls are dead".

So when he got down to hell, he was feeling swell. Fucked the devil, and his wife as well.

On his tombstone, written in green: "Oom Chucka Willie--the Mean Mother Fucking Machine".
by piratemaxx August 5, 2008
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The act of bringing up the the memories or recent death of a loved one, in order for others to feel guilty or to get a break. A situation in which a person mourning does not have the will or energy to deal with being responsible.
I hated to do it, but I had to play the death card in order to get out of the speeding ticket.
by piratemaxx February 15, 2009
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When you call in sick to work. But you really just want to take a day off and chill out.
Yeah, on Monday I took a mental health day and went on a daycation. It was so relaxing.
by piratemaxx February 15, 2009
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