15 definitions by peter eaton

A request by a male to have a person perform some sort of sex act upon his penis, ie, handjob, blowjob, cuntfuck, buttfuck.
I asked Sandra to polish my sausage -- and she did -- 4 different ways!
by Peter Eaton July 07, 2006
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Someone who pimps out male prostitutes.
WOODY: What's the name of that new Peter Seller? The one who owns "Gigalos2Go"?

DICK: Goes by the name of Roger Moore.
by Peter Eaton June 03, 2006
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George Michael is looking at a picture of Boy George.

"God damn, what a nice piece of F.I.L.T.H."
by Peter Eaton December 09, 2006
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A man with a really huge penith.
FAG: Hello! Whoothe that dude over there?

MOTHETH: Heeth Awethome! Bat man babe. Hith penith ith tho long I wath thucking hith peckerhead while he wath fucking my ath!
by Peter Eaton May 28, 2006
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Anally Infected Dick Sindrome
I was so drunk and high and tired after 4 hours of orgy fucking that I fell right asleep after cumming up some guys ass. I hadn't used a condom, and I never even cleaned up.

The next morning, I pissed a poop plug out of my pecker head, and it stung really bad. It was all red, and thick yellowish puss came oozing out. Three months later, I found out I had A.I.D.S. Why did God let this happen to me?!
by Peter Eaton November 21, 2006
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Because the YING YANG symbol resembles the number 69, some use it as SLANG for "69" meaning "two people orally stimulating each other at the same time".
SHELLY: Jack, I'd REALLY like to do the "Ying Yang" right now.

JACK: Okay!
by Peter Eaton December 20, 2006
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An H2 BLOWJOB is a humming blowjob that does more than just get you hard, but, not enough to make you cum.
H3 BLOWJOB = The biggest and best Hummer there is, rich in cum-blasting pleasure!

H2 BLOWJOB = Medium Hummer; (1) Get hard, (2) Lots of pleasure, but (3) you'll have to move on to fucking to finish.

H3 BLOWJOB = Mini Hummer; you get hard, and that's it. Start fucking ASAP!
by Peter Eaton June 23, 2006
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