Roger Moore's good looks, charm, and wit made him a natural for stardom. A worldwide star before being cast as Bond, Moore's easy sense of grace and savoir-faire brought the cinematic 007 unparalleled success in the 1970s and 80s. A real life tough guy who performed all his fist fights himself, without aid of lookalike stuntmen or sped-ups. He once beat up legendary Lee Marvin while they were filming Shout at the devil (1976). Marvin recalled, "The guy is built like granite. Nobody will ever underestimate him again." By the time Moore retired from the role of James Bond in 1985, he had redefined the character of Bond and brought in over one billion dollars in worldwide box office.
By the time I'm out the door,
You tear men down like Roger Moore
- Amy Winehouse, "You Know I'm No Good"
Actor. TV = The Saint, a psuedo-James Bond. Movies = the REAL James Bond of the 1970's and early 80's. The funniest James Bond. You Roger Moore haters take Bond too seriously (watch Cannonball Run). Also great REAL action (Live & Let Die / The Spy Who Loved Me) -- no computer generated graphics.

Also American slang name, ie, Roger = penis, Moore = MORE. Therefore, Roger Moore = HUGE COCK, or a man with one.
SEXY SLUT: I fucked John Holmes during Spring Break.

FOXY CHICK: How was it?

SEXY SLUT: He has a Roger Moore, and he knows how to use it.

FOXY CHICK: Double-O Aych! Mind if I hit on that James Blonde?

SEXY SLUT: Go for it Babe!
by Boobylicious Baby May 27, 2006
(1) Actor.

Star of the 1960's British TV show THE SAINT, about a Secret Agent.

Sean Connery starred as James Bond in the 1960's, followed by George Lazenby in just one movie "Her Majesty's Secret Service" in 1970. Then Roger Moore took over as James Bond for the 1970's and the early 1980's. LIVE AND LET DIE and THE SPY WHO LOVED ME stand out as two of his best.

(2) Roger = Penis, and Moore = More, therefore, "Roger Moore" is slang for "More Penis", ie, a HUGE cock, or a man who has one.

KAM: I tied a dating ping-pong playah, I want some rong dong.

LOON: Maybe we get some basky bah playah?

KAM: Yeah, rets get some Lojja Moah (Roger Moore).
by Nary, on my computah June 24, 2006
An actor with the one and only !Magicbrow! that, when raised, will instantly attract any woman of his desire and perform feats of extraordinary and sometimes borderline impossible happenings.
My name's Moore, Roger Moore
by BOOBIES12fasdf3456 May 9, 2010
Sex act whereby the index and middle finger are inserted into the vagina and the pinky finger is inserted into the anus and thrust with vigour. Aka - ‘two in the pink one in the stink’ or ‘the shocker’.
Guy 1: I gave my girlfriend a Roger Moore last night!

Guy 2: Did she enjoy it?
Guy 1: No.
by I'vebeenRileyed May 19, 2019
In the Bond franchise, the equivalent of one of those Chinese dinners. You'll want to watch his movies again and again ... and ten minutes after the end credits, you'll wonder why. How he managed to swing a record seven Bond movies is one of the universe's most arcane mysteries. The only Bond actor who could have made Richard Kiel's "Jaws" look good. Christopher Walken gave him one wrinkle too many in his last Bond outing, and Moore was mercifully retired.
On the plus side, he won quadruple gold in the 1952 Olympic Games ... in that sadly forgotten event, the eyebrow-raise.
Good evening, darling. The name's Moore. Roger Moore. I hear you throw pots. (Looks down lewdly and VERY obviously, glimpse of his pearly teeth, eyebrows raised). Ah, yes, and you have two gorgeous jugs as well. Shall we dine at the Ritz, my dear?
by Fearman August 3, 2007