The coolest Screenname on the Internet.
Wow, nice choice naming yourself Decipher.
by Decipher ;) July 16, 2003
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the most badass dj dude on the planet yo!
*cough* hey decipher where'd you get all these dope ass rekkids? *cough*
by Sicx September 24, 2003
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wing man has sex with a ugly girl while other guy has sex with the hot girl.
Bro, I need you to decipher the bomb while I get it in with this girl.
by swagstarsince96 January 30, 2012
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when the technology can give you signals through body openings that tell you what the person is thinking
The dictation deciphering protected the historical Americans resources.
by Coop Dupe November 16, 2019
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