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(1) A person who is a clever speaker and/or writer and/or singer.

(2) Slang for pussy eater as it sounds like "cunnilingus".
If you can become a master of BOTH definitions of cunning linguist, women will throw themselves at you in order to sit on your face, and will gladly return the favor with some great oral and/or pole riding.
by Peter Eaton July 14, 2006

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To jerk-off in public.
I saw Saddam Hussein pee wee herman in jail.
by Peter Eaton May 06, 2006

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A person who thinks sex is funny.
Most of the people who submit U.D. defs are humorsexuals.
by Peter Eaton November 21, 2006

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1.Unyielding religious beliefs.

2. A funny movie.
REWRITE THIS: Mypalpsychotherapistfreedmeofalldogma
by Peter Eaton December 27, 2006

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A beard on a gay man.
Santa Claus sure has a nice Dick Bib. I'd love to shoot cum all over that!
by Peter Eaton August 15, 2006

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1) Sheriff Matt Dillon was the main character in the old TV show "Gunsmoke", played by James Arnes.

2) The actor who played "Randy" in "One Night at McCool's".
1) James Arnes, who played "Sheriff Matt Dillon" was the brother of Peter Graves, who played "Mr.Phelps" in the old "MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE!" TV show.

2) Did the actor "Matt Dillon" get his name from the character "Matt Dillon"? I bet he did!
by Peter Eaton July 31, 2006

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1. aka karma Buddhist / Hindu (etc) philosophy "what goes around comes around".
2. automobile, mother
Decipher this: Mycarmaranoveryourdogma.
by Peter Eaton December 27, 2006

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