an awesome last name usally everyone comments on it everyone thinks its cool
mccool is usally outgoing nice but loves to party hard and dont want to get on their bad side
is mccool seriously your last name that is so cool!
by brittanymcc December 08, 2008
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Mcconnellret AKA McCool is a streamer on Twitch. McCool is a cool guy and a great retribution paladin on World of Warcraft. Often found on Asmongold's stream, McCool provides a large amount of his content.
Pepegauser1: "Did you see McCool on Asmon's stream yesterday he's so much funnier than Asmon"
Kappa123: "Yeah dude it's too bad he doesn't stream often"

ClubMcCoolFan "McCool opened the club! Pog CLUB OPEN Pog"
by Pepega44 November 08, 2018
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The coolest guy without any pants. Sometimes goes by the first name Tyler.
Hey, mccool! Do you ever wear any pants?
by some jerk February 06, 2005
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An ice cream store in Summit, NJ where the employees are so afraid of theft that they chain their chairs together with bike locks. This means that in order to eat your nice ice cream cone outside, you must Tough Mutter the shit out of their furniture.
Person A: I went to McCools the other day, and ripped the shit outta my new jeans

by esmeralda.slut May 06, 2018
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A woman so amazing and cool that you have serious doubts that she's even real.
Guy 1: I love her
Guy 2: Your GF?
Guy 1: She's the best she's my angel and she's so cool
Guy 2: So yes
Guy 1: Yes my cool little angel
Guy 2: So she's Angel McCool?
Guy 1: Exactly!
by jerkfieldy November 13, 2010
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