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in Australian slang, nong is used as a pretty mild and/or endearing insult. a bit of a twit, or idiot. nothing too mean or horrid is meant by calling someone a nong.
hey mate, you put your trackie-daks on inside-out, ya silly nong!
by periwinkle January 12, 2005
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English and also sometimes Australian slang. not a combination of nerd and dork, that's just a happy coincidence.

in the singular, usually someone who is a bit of a twit, but mostly harmless.

in the plural, breasts!
he thinks he can play pool but just keeps screwing up. what a nork.

fwoooaaarrr, check those norks out! (crass but accurate)
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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in Australia, slang for an RSL - Returned Soldiers League. similar to a sports or social club where you can get reasonably priced meals, drinks and entertainment. often full of Pokies.
let's go down the Ari for a meal and play some pool.
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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trackie-daks are the bottom half of the tracksuit, not the whole. the whole tracksuit is the trackie; the pants are the trackie-daks. but Random's example is unsurpassable :)
they wouldn't let me into the Rissole wearing me trackie-daks and thongs.
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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Australian slang for an RSL - a Returned Soldiers League club. this is a place where people meet for cheap meals, drinks, entertainment, and to (unfortunately) play the Pokies. also known as an Ari.
they wouldn't let me into the Rissole wearing me trackie-daks, I had to go home and change.
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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in Australia, definitely a Poker Machine, but we rarely use the word 'Poker' to describe someone who uses (or abuses) a Pokie. nor do we say 'go for a poke' which sounds more like a sexual connotation over here ;) most often used in the plural, Pokies.
we went down to the Rissole to have a beer and play the Pokies for a while.
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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in Australian slang -

1: wine. usually referring to cheap wine but not neccessarily.

2: to place something down on a surface (even one's bum).
1: do you reckon a couple of bottles of plonk will be enough for dinner?

2: hey, come'n plonk your bum down and watch the movie, darl.
by periwinkle January 14, 2005
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