Darling, especially a gay male. Used as a sign on (non-sexual) affection between gay male friends.
Hey darls, are we going to Oxford St tongiht?
by completely_fuckable August 10, 2011
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Supreme dissatisfaction; to express extreme distress or general incompetance.
Joe: Did you see Ian Bennet Darl it up in net the other day?
Adnan: Yeah man, Huddersfield played pretty darl.
Ryan: Shut up you darl heads, United are better.
by mrsifter July 13, 2012
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A giant fat fuck face who can't get over shit so he lives in the past and blames his ex for him making shitty decisions and somebody whom NOBODY loves and has a really fucking retarded name along with most of the rest of his family
Darl needs to keep his fucking shirt on i can see the disappointment in his fat rolls!
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by Madeline Freel October 12, 2017
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