in Australian slang, nong is used as a pretty mild and/or endearing insult. a bit of a twit, or idiot. nothing too mean or horrid is meant by calling someone a nong.
hey mate, you put your trackie-daks on inside-out, ya silly nong!
by periwinkle January 12, 2005
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there are several meanings for a nong...
1. a foolish person who is ill informed of a matter of discussion
2. a individual who argues a matter with such conviction only to find themselves corrected with a single sentence or argument. they are then on labelled as a "nong". in extreme cases of argument, they are named the nongiest of the week.
3. a person who over uses the word "nong" calling it out in totally impertinent situations. the person under direct attack then has the right (almost the obligation) to turn on their attacker and call out "nong!" in a descending tone, the peak of the sound being in the conjunction "no-"
you----(prolonged) NONG!
by the nongiest of the weak May 31, 2003
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Generally, a clueless weirdo who is incredibly silly (can have other general meanings).
Diana: that's so pants!

Evie: what?
Diana: zomgosh you're such a nong!
by EVIE TRAN August 17, 2009
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adj/n/v/adv a word with no meaning, used to piss off people with no sense of humor.
dante: you're totally a nong
jason: i'm NOT a nong!
dante: dude. you're a nong. i nonged you.
jason: aaaarg i'm pissed off! I'm NOT a nong!
by Dante Collins May 16, 2004
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Childhood substitute insult for butt-head if you'd get in trouble for saying that.
by Clarkinstein September 8, 2006
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1. When you think a confrontation is near with a small group of people but a large group of people show up instead
2. Running away from a confrontation with the law
Billy just got nonged, he thought we was finna fight Fred but Fred brought a squad of 15
Bruh he just nonged the fuck out of there
by nongs thai cuisine March 25, 2018
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