Australian slang for an RSL - a Returned Soldiers League club. this is a place where people meet for cheap meals, drinks, entertainment, and to (unfortunately) play the Pokies. also known as an Ari.
they wouldn't let me into the Rissole wearing me trackie-daks, I had to go home and change.
by periwinkle January 11, 2005
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Australian slang for your arse hole, bum, backside. Due to the visual similarity of a meat rissole and the rectum.
"If I bent over any further, anyone could see right up my rissole."
by poida May 20, 2017
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Fishcake Fish and potato within a breadcrumb surrounding, usually seasoned.
What a fishcake is known as in Sheffield for some reason...
by Bob February 15, 2005
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A food made from mashed potato and minced meat, rolled into a ball with breadcrumbs on and deep fried.

Available from any chippy in South Wales, but largely unknown elsewhere.
Yeah I'll have a rissole and chips mate.
by Tom Long November 20, 2007
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An Australian Slang word an RSL club or Ari. Basically just saying it as a word and not 3 letters, Much easier.
Wanna go down to the Rissol for a couple of Beers?
by MattyBoyBLue April 20, 2006
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French in origin, a rissole is a small fried patty made with mincemeat and breadcrumbs. Often passed off as a delicacy by outrageously camp Kiwi chefs, a rissole is actually traditionally a peasant’s food, and is still considered this in France.

Typically the rissole is made up of leftovers and scraps left in the cupboards. Due to this rissole often leaves people with vicious gastrointestinal repercussions. This may include incidents of sharting.
I'm afraid that all we have left in the larder is that 3 day old rissole. We can't possibly make them eat that.
by Eileen McGregor March 8, 2005
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