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Academically selective high school in Sydney's south, juxtapositionally (in every sense of the non-existent word) situated diagonally opposite Endeavour High School, perhaps as a bleak reminder to its students of what is possible when one puts one's mind 'to it'. Despite the bounteous, however somewhat meek (and in the opinions of CHS's smug, ridiculously talented pupils, "flattering") taunts and stereotypes which are supplied by the degenerate students of neighbouring schools in the Sutherland Shire region (which typically comprise terribly misspelled variations of the words "calculator", "formaldehyde" and "Hubschrauberlandeplatz", Caringbah High School's students pride themselves in obliterating and humiliating said schools, not just in academic feats (namely debating, public speaking and basically every HSC course in existence), but also sporting tournaments, the annual "Best-Looking Student Award", "Best Everything Award" and "Best at Getting Awards Award". Wegen der fantastischen Lage des 'Top-Schools', der auf a layer of clay (if you failed to understand that touch of German sarcasm, your IQ is under 170), the school's bottom annexe will host all 950 students in the not-too-distant future, rendering the renowned Walkway merely a thing to be marveled by future generations; a, historical place where older students asserted their physical dominance over Year 7 n00bz!
A: "Check it out! That guy is reading Jane Austen out of free will."
B: "He must go to Caringbah High School."
A: "God bless his sweet soul."
by pens nizzle January 09, 2008
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noun: An unpleasant and often embarrassing phenomenon which occurs when one consumes some foodstuff containing a high contingent of salmon. Salmon breath is often mistaken for tuna breath, but has a unique and even more pungent odour which defies and overpowers even the strongest mouth washes and mints.
Guy 1: Dude, can you smell that guy's salmon breath?
Guy 2: Yeah, I reckon someone ought to let him know...

by pens nizzle June 16, 2007
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noun: A sandwich which may contain various kinds of fillings, except pork.
Hassan's islamwich contained an assortment of halal approved meats and vegetables - but NO PORK!
by pens nizzle June 16, 2007
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1. A small city in Idaho, 'the best of what is rural America,' according to the website, where people play ice-hockey, go white water rafting and marvel at bronze statues.

2. A vagina; geographically similar to Tuna Town, however, larger in size, number of tourists per year and with denser forestation to the north.
1. Salmon City blows, let's go buy some goon.

2. Yuck! This shit tastes like a salmon sandwich.
by pens nizzle June 17, 2008
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The segregation and subsequent disposal of licorice- or aniseed-flavoured entities in an assortment of confectionery.
Steve was accused of Anicide after throwing away all the black jellybeans.
by pens nizzle November 09, 2008
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A single Jatz biscuit.
I devoured the entire box of Jatz, one Jat at a time.
by pens nizzle July 10, 2008
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An international congregation of young Catholics, which takes place approximately every 1-3 years. Each event is visited by hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of obnoxious pilgrims, who (in the spirit of the Catholic Church, nay! in the spirit of religion in general) flock to their holy destinations, adopting a downright ignorant and therefore religiously hypocritical stance to the ever-so-obvious problems faced by so many others back in their mother countries. With countries such as Brazil and Mexico, which evidently face hunger problems, as well as various African countries whose HIV/AIDS disasters can be directly attributed to the Catholic church's fascistic stranglehold on both their governments and people, millions of tax-payer dollars is seen poured directly into funding this money-making scandal.
World Youth Day is a twenty-first century money-making scandal and should not be attended by anybody with the most miniscule sense of social equality.
by pens nizzle July 26, 2008
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