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Jatz: To abruptly leave an area.
That bitch is corn, I got to jatz.

My brain was jatzing all over the place when I took special K.

Dude the fuzz are coming we got to jatz.

He jatzed when I pissed on his car.
by Snoop Fresh August 17, 2005
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the act of arriving at a persons house unannounced.
does nick know we are coming? no we are going to jatz him.
by Scolotis September 27, 2009
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A combination of jizz and scat.

Also can be used as a verb: the act of simultaneously jizzing and scatting on someone.
Jeff was plowed so hard that when he finally came, he ending up jatzing all over the bed.
by jatz cat May 01, 2009
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