another term for a bean or extacy. usually referring to the imprint on the pill.
"I'm rollin' so hard right now.."
"Word, what you on ?"
"Naked Lady...and I'm just on one."
by jaybeaster12 May 30, 2008
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The first internet search done by a 3rd or 4th grader to figure out what exactly his friends in school are talking about.
(Naked lady can't very well be used in a sentence, you bitchcock)
by i hate zalman rodkin February 10, 2017
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It's a name used for a group of flowers (Mainly bulbs) that have "naked" stems with flowers on it and has no foliage in sight. Naked ladies mainly grow in the winter time throughout late spring and goes dormant in summer. The flowers of the plants start to come up in late summer or early fall.
Lycoris squamigera, amaryllis belladonna, and the autumn crocuses are examples of naked ladies.
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Ladies with no clothes
The women in pornos have no clothes, therefore they are naked ladies.
by PianoMan October 4, 2004
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Shaquina. (naked lady) NUDIST. To be naked and dont give a shit. Or wearing a baby t that is the same color of you body.
Look at naked lady she needs some clothes on before my eyes fall out.
by BEANPIEHEAD13 August 17, 2007
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A drink, similar to a "Jager Bomb", but made with the original flavor Monster(green) and a shot of Jager usually made in a small hourglass shaped container that resembles a naked woman.
Hey, beer bitch, go make me and your mom another naked lady!
by Spartanof09 September 23, 2009
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Wicked, cool band from Canada

Great simple lyrics and catchy tunes and beats.

The band members are down to earth - great representatives of the Canadian way.
The Bare Nake Ladies sing "If I had a million dollars".
by Doctor Livingstone May 15, 2005
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