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Re is an interjection commonly used in the greek language but also used in tha Balkans. It is used in speech to gain someone's attention, add emphasis, insult, or express surprise or astonishment, like the Spanish che.

The word probably comes from μωρέ, the vocative of the ancient Greek μωρός 'dull, sluggish, foolish, stupid'.

re is often accompanied by a slang word but generally speaking you can use it any given sentence.
Re malaka how did you crash the car where you drinking and driving again?

I told you a 1000 times re I do not do this stuff anymore.

by panossak February 27, 2009

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Greek Slang
"Malakia" (abstract noun, plural "malakies") is used as
-The literal act of masturbation
-A slang word for semen specifically produced by that act.
-It also can be used to describe nonsense.
-An item considered worthless
-A mistake, or (ironically and degradingly) a time-consuming non-productive action. The parallel exists since these actions are a way to consume excessive energy and satisfy a desire, more or less like wanking.

The use of "malakia" to mean "masturbation" traces back to Medieval Greek. It is used in this sense in the Life of St. Andrew the Fool and in the Life of St. Niphon, both of which date to the tenth century.
My cock is swollen I had 10 malakia (es) today

Do not believe in what he is saying he is talking makakia (es)

Your new car is a big malakia

I am doing malakia instead of working I am publishing greek slang on urban dictionary
by panossak March 02, 2009

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Greek slung
Mouni is pussy in Greek thus mounara is big pussy.
You say it for women that are extremely hot.
However you don't address to women you do not know with this word or you will be kicked on the balls(most times...)
Po po what is this mounara. I think I got an erection

Guy speaking:You are very mounara please sleep with me

Woman replying:Go play with your dick re malaka and leave me alone!
by panossak February 27, 2009

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Prostitute in greek. Also addressed to women who are sluts, cunts, bitches etc
I know a nice porni in this nighboorhood, 15 euros for a blow job

You are a porny poutanagamiola. What do you mean you have been sleeping with other men for the past 10 months? How many?

by panossak February 26, 2009

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Greek slung
Poutsos is dick in Greek.Poutsila is the characteristic odour of the dick-balls after 2-3 days with no shower (it increases with time).
You also use the word if you are in a place that is full of men
Po po malaka this party smells poutsila there is not a single woman here

I went to the toilette and I realised I have ti have a shower today as the whole place smelled poutsila.
by panossak March 02, 2009

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Karagiozis or Karaghiozis (Greek Καραγκιόζης, from Turkish Karagöz) is a shadow puppet and fictional character of Greek folklore derived from the Ottoman Turkish Karagöz. He is the main character of the tales narrated in the Greek shadow-puppet theatre. Karagöz in Turkish means 'black-eye', and it is the origin of this character's name.

In slung it is used as as synonym to malakas, clown,poser, someone who is ridiculous, someone who says something ridiculous. Also used in football for someone who loses a great chance for goal etc.

He is karagiozis, look what he just did, he send the ball out while he was alone with the goalpost.

Are you karagiozis? you ridiculed yourself again? What were you thinking?

I hate the karagiozis (des for many) playing rackets on the beach thinking they are fucking Federer or something.
by panossak February 26, 2009

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Greek Slang

Arxidi=testicle+kampos (valley)= Valley of testicles
Used when a place is full of men (party pub, bar)
Po re Malaka what is this arxidokampos. There is not a single woman here!
by panossak March 02, 2009

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