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Karagiozis or Karaghiozis (Greek Καραγκιόζης, from Turkish Karagöz) is a shadow puppet and fictional character of Greek folklore derived from the Ottoman Turkish Karagöz. He is the main character of the tales narrated in the Greek shadow-puppet theatre. Karagöz in Turkish means 'black-eye', and it is the origin of this character's name.

In slung it is used as as synonym to malakas, clown,poser, someone who is ridiculous, someone who says something ridiculous. Also used in football for someone who loses a great chance for goal etc.

He is karagiozis, look what he just did, he send the ball out while he was alone with the goalpost.

Are you karagiozis? you ridiculed yourself again? What were you thinking?

I hate the karagiozis (des for many) playing rackets on the beach thinking they are fucking Federer or something.
by panossak February 26, 2009
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Greek slang for clown, jackass, fool, imbecile, idiot, actor - see malakas
aftos o karagiozis prospathouse na gamisi tin mana moy.
by Moustache November 08, 2003
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