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A region in Southeast Europe where everyone hates each other.

Greece hates turkey and vice versa

Serbia hates turkey and vice versa
Greece hates Albania

Greece hates skopia and vice versa
Serbia hates Croatia and vice versa
Bulgaria hates turkey and vice versa
No one likes Slovenia and no one considers it Balkan.
Those Balkans are fucking crazy
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by not a guy named Andreas December 14, 2019
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Of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula or the Balkan Mountains.
by Cool Guy June 04, 2003
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The Balkans is another way to describe southeast Europe. The region has a combined area of 728,000 kmΒ² and a population of around 53 million.The region's name comes from the Balkan mountains which run through the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia.

The region's principal nationalities in the balkans are:
Greeks 11.5 million
Turks 9.2 million (European part of Turkey, Istanbul)
Serbs and Montenegrins 8.9 million
Bulgarians 7 million
Albanians 6 million (2 million of them living in Kosovo, Serbia)
Croats 4.5 million
Bosnians 2.4 million
Macedonians 1.4 million
by Dragan October 07, 2005
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The balkan region is a name for southeast europe where everyone hates eachother. Greece hates turkey, Serbia hates Slovakia etc. But the most hated country is Croatia, nobody likes them Croatians. Overall not a very smart people with the average iq of 82.
Serbia: I hate croatia
Greece: Me too
Man we Balkans hate eachother
by Parefl0w April 04, 2020
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