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A person who is turned on by pc equipment.
"my gawd my pc is sexy"
by PandorA April 13, 2005
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typically a male resident of a large city(Los Angeles, San Francisco) who carries characteristics of a homosexual, but remaining in the claim of heterosexual. Often looking like, and dressing like a feminine male.
Marty likes flaunting his gucci bag and louie vuitton wallet when he's out with his girlfriend.
by pandora November 16, 2004
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A saying started in walcott iowa thats means literaly Fuck 23, its something you would shout randomly in crowded halls
Student in crowded hall:F23!
Peers:*histerical laughter*
Teachers: *confusion*
by pandora February 10, 2004
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(n) slang for nitrous oxide
let's all do some dumb!
by pandora April 19, 2005
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A British man named James, that we would love to drip honey all over.
I want some Toast
by Pandora October 09, 2003
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