That Kaufman is so incredibly hot.

I'm so jealous of Amy, she's dating a Kaufman.
by Rizzle April 19, 2005
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A mythical supernatural creature, famous in scandinavian folklore for causing mischief and annoyance to others. From the Troll species (trollus maximus difficultus) they are of a class that dwell in caves, mountains or in the Kaufman's case, under a bridge.
That Kaufman is such a f*cking troll, when is he gonna learn its just not funny the hundreth time?
by ProdigalSon October 22, 2009
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The act of one defecating in the shower without cleaning it up.
Before we departed our hotel in Panama, our friend Rich left a Kaufman in the shower for the maid to clean up.
by brownwallet May 8, 2014
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when a person, usually female, is momentarily or otherwise permanently infatuated with and or occupied by a member of the Kaufman family (Arizona chapter). The female is not sure why she is so infatuated with a Kaufman but is and cannot get over her feelings. the virus is very contagious when contact occurs with the original source.
girl1: OMG i have such a case of the Kaufman's!
girl2: i don't event know what you see in him.
girl1: i don't know he's just so charming i keep going back.
by CaptainKaufman August 19, 2012
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A place where dreams and ambition go to die. Kids can't wait to "get out of this town and never come back", but end up getting knocked up by their high school sweetheart, continue to live here for the rest of their lives, and then their kids have the same high school teachers they had had.
Kaufman, Texas resident: "Let's get high and go to Denny's."
by Xc17 December 24, 2016
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(noun) The state of mind when nothing productive can be accomplished due to an extreme lack of motivation and/or frustration with the power system.
There's no way I'm getting my homework done tonight. I'm in Kaufman Mode.
by revengeoftheging April 7, 2013
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Andy Kaufman is a famous performer and illusionist who pretended to have lung cancer and die in 1984. He told at least 5 people of his plan to fake his death only 2 short years before he died at age 35 of lung cancer despite not smoking, drinking or using drugs.

No one believed he was really sick and many believe he's alive today. He was obsessed with the "Elvis Lives" concept and decided to try it himself after talking with hoaxer Alan Abel, who successfully faked his death and had his obituary published in the NY Times. He can be found on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook under various names and was the subject of the 1999 film, "Man on the Moon" starring Jim Carrey and the R.E.M. song of the same name.
That Andy Kaufman is one strange duck.
by Kween Frostine May 18, 2010
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