10 definitions by paddywack

A woman who a man considers worthy of receiving his man juice all over her body. Typically seen on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and the like, these women are the ones who we men would have sex with, whether we would tell anyone or not.
Damn, look at that girl right there, would you do her? Hell yeah man, she's skeetworthy!
by paddywack February 15, 2007
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The ability to turn any word in the dictionary into it's most superior form just by adding the word "Championship" in front of it.
Non-awesome: "Water"

Awesome: "Championship Water"

Non-awesome: "Bagels"

Awesome: "Championship Bagels"

"It was not just a good powerpoint presentation, it was a Championship powerpoint presentation!"

As you can see, the Championship Prefix can make anything way more badass than it used to be.
by paddywack February 17, 2009
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Simply put, the greatest head giver in the history of the act. If given the opportunity, she could easily blow a house down.
"That bitch was like the Big Bad Wolf, cause she blew my fucking house in!"
by paddywack February 17, 2009
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An offshoot of the popular phrase, "Nah Mean."
Only this version is for the plural, "Knows what I mean"
"You may not know what I'm talking about, but Brad nahs mean."
by paddywack August 29, 2006
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Urban version of going to. Indigenous to the northerners of America, but used by many.
"You better not drop that cat in the furnace!"

"I wasn't gonnew!"
by paddywack November 16, 2006
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On Facebook, when you receive a request from someone who you see has several mutual friends, but you know that you have never met them and don't really want to accept their friend request, but you do anyway to avoid looking like an asshole/bitch, this is considered a courtesy accept.
I had to courtesy accept her friend request so I wouldn't look like a dick. She's friends with Tina, so I don't want her to tell Tina I'm a dick, I can't be havin that shizz yo.
by paddywack January 09, 2011
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