A term coined by a single man who has become increasingly desperate by his single marital status, who then decreases his standards and doesn't care who the girl is or what she looks like. He then proceeds to offer up the distribution of his penis in any conversations he has with his friends that involves the subject of a single lady who might be a willing recipient.
Friend A: "Yeah, she said she hasn't been laid in so long. She says she's gonna die soon if she doesn't get some."

Friend B: **Chuckles** "That is hilari..."

cut off mid-sentence by single guy

Single Guy: "What's her name? Where's she live? I'll freaking distribute right now!"
by Paddywack February 16, 2009
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Plural form of the Urban Dictionary word "Distribute."

Distribution of course referring to the act of providing more than one lady friend with the "goods" in close chronologic succession, therefore supplying a volume of distribution worth being proud of.
Dude 1: "So what did you do this weekend mayne?"

Dude 2: "Aww shiznit man, I banged 3 girls on Friday night, 2 on Saturday, and then 1 more on Sunday. I'm telling you, distribution levels were high!"
by Paddywack February 16, 2009
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"I'm into distribution, I'm like Atlantic, I got the Mother Fuckers flyin' cross the Atlantic!" - Rick Ross
by darkmyst June 19, 2006
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All Linux distribution's suck, lets make a new one. Which is the reason why we have thousands of distro's
by nani jp September 6, 2018
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Toking up with people , selling marijuana. You are distributing the peace because weed makes people negotiate and come to peace with each other.
Ex1 - OFFICER: Sir, you are charged with distribution of marijuana
DUDE: what? No man, i was distributing the peace!

Ex2 - MOM: Son, were you smoking with those kids up the block?
SON: No , i was distributing the peace with some colleagues.
by Jointabalaballala August 4, 2010
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when you break a number up in to parts to add or multiply faster if you know your facts
distributive property:
47 x 71
(40 x 70) ( 7 x 1)
280 + 7
by fdceijklihjmdihumdpiuoujgreojo January 31, 2014
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1) Drug dealer or Street Pharmacist.

2) A dealer who usually deals marijuana and psyhadelics, such as acid and shrooms.
by Brown Eyed Girl May 30, 2005
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