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Nature's guarantee of a second date
Makes cum taste better
I wanted her to enjoy sucking my cock more so i drank some pineapple juice.
by dfsfsdf November 20, 2007
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The white liquid that is violently squirted out of the erect penis. If this liquid finds it's way into the female vagina (through sexual intercourse)it can fertilise the egg and produce a baby.
(Julie and Matt are in the '69' sex position. this means that she has her lips tightly consealed round his penis, and he is 'licking her out', or sticking his tongue into her pussy)
Julie - Uh, Oh God this feels nice
Matt - On no, i think i feel some pineapple juice coming!
Julie (gurgling) - Shit, shall i swallow it?

by moremoremorejustlikethat March 05, 2006
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