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A kochsucker is anyone involved in politics who advocates policies that benefit corporations, big business and right wing interests, under the guise that those policies will actually benefit normal Americans. Very similar to a teabagger.
Did you hear that kochsucker claim climate change is hoax? Yeah, probably so that his oil polluting buddies can get another no bid oil drill contract.
by nugzstradamus February 23, 2011

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To take what someone has said out of context for the purpose of slandering them.

Taken from the last name of rightwing political operative Andrew Breitbart.
They breitbarted her just like John Kerry in 2004!
by nugzstradamus July 22, 2010

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A person who identifies with the right wing, but knows nothing about political ideology and speaks mostly in talking points when it comes to politics. Derived from the words schmuck and maverick.
What a schmaverick. She can't name any supreme court rulings but would like to be VP.
by nugzstradamus January 17, 2010

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A Teabagger who has swallowed the Tea Party ideology, has no knowledge of the Tea Party platform, and just parrots right wing, mostly false talking points
Did you hear that sack gargler falsely mention that Obama had raised your taxes?
by nugzstradamus November 08, 2010

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A person made famous by looks and other means besides a skill or craft. Reality TV actors, politicians, etc.
That douchetante got famous on Jersey Shore
by nugzstradamus March 02, 2011

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In a political theater, a fauxlibuster is a fake filibuster that does not delay or end debate on a particular proposal or legislation, but is more of a stunt to draw attention to a losing cause.
Ted Cruz fauxlibustered on Obamacare, but everyone knows he's really going for the presidency.
by nugzstradamus September 25, 2013

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