17 definitions by norm

head gear fer yer nob. sometimes made from geomags.
dammit anne, how many cock hats are you gonna make me wear tonite
by norm January 19, 2004
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he/she is eating. also to dance is to eat
I'm so hungry I could dance a horse
by norm January 31, 2004
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An irrelevant reference to oil/gasoline in the American culture. While it is paramount to Americans that they have oil, the amount that they burn is of no concern. In the American culture, "wasting oil" means using it for something other than their luxury purposes and the polution generated by their oil use qualifies them for tax relief.
My Humvee, that I got for free with my tax write-off, gets 3 miles per gallon on the freeway but I don't care!
by norm July 9, 2003
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1. used when something good happens, or evil is a foot.
2. a term used after a joke is said, or something funny is announced
3. a way of greeting one another
1. yeah, i smurfed her, muajajajajajajajaja
2. hehe, hes got a small penis, muajajajajajajajaja
3. B!!! N !!! muajajajajajajajaja!
by norm April 20, 2004
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When someone who resembles Ron Swanson comes in the room and encourages you to drink more alcohol than normal so he can get with you later that night.
Be careful at the party , this week three girls have been ranshawed.
by norm November 9, 2017
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someone who is acting like a fool, jerk, dick, or ass. It comes from the term "asshole" or rectum.
My brother is being a rectie today.
by norm May 3, 2003
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A guy named Rick who is a backstabbing piece of feces
I work with Ricky Ratshit, and he compleetely undermines the entire business.
by norm October 15, 2003
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