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a necro black metal band known for their vitrolic vocals and their destructive guitar parts. a fucking wicked band indeed.

its not very happy music.
cds include "total fucking necro", "the codex necro", "when fire rains down from the sky, mankind shall reap as it has sown", "domine non es dignus" (translates to "lord, you are not worthy")
by niggasense August 21, 2005
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tech n9ne is a beast rapper from kansas city
he has an incredible flow and pretty unique beats
here comes tecca nina
by niggasense February 27, 2005
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the least diverse high school known to man.
the place is full of white preppy kids and asians who think theyre black.
the teachers are hard as balls. it doesnt fucking make sense.
everyone at tj thinks im fucked up because i listen to music about killing people
by niggasense February 26, 2005
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memphis rappers
theyre dope
their old stuff was better, but the new stuff aint bad either
check out mystic stylez and some of the underground editions for their best shit
by niggasense February 14, 2005
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a phrase for when something rediclous or really surprising happens
dude 1: george got his head stuck in the toilet.
dude 2: sweet mexican jesus.
by niggasense May 2, 2005
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a tech metal band who is known for their use of polyrythms and polymetrics. their music is harsh and often sounds inhuman and machine-like.
well known songs include "new millenium cyanide christ" and "future breed machine"
by niggasense August 21, 2005
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