the best kind of music ever. very loud metal. the kind that makes you feel better. napalm death and arch enemy are good examples.

justalittlebitcrazy:i love my happy music.
missmonkeylove:your happy music scares me.

by justalittlebitcrazy June 18, 2007
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any trance music with female vocals. See any trance cd made by "above and beyond" or has the word "ocean" in it. The audience also consists of those who are forever alone.
J.R. - Hey, guy! Have you heard of the song "On a good day" by Oceanlab?

Jeremy - No. is it any good?

J.R. - Hell, yes! happy music turns that frown upside down! I blasted it, from my car, down the interstate the other day.

Jeremy - Oh, alright. have fun with that. (as the other guy turns around and walks away, with closed, beady eyes, a smirk, and a head shake) He must be on tumblr. forever alone!
by pithgrinders February 21, 2012
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The kind of music typically found at the end of extremely sad movies, after many of the characters you've grown to love have died, and where those that have survived the (insert various tragedies here) walk along the deserted road into the sunrise.
She listened to the happy sad music as she stared out the window dramatically into the rain at nothing in particular.
by (>^_^)> <3 November 27, 2011
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