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meaning a peruvian grl/guy ; cholo ; a hispanic
He's a hispanic pepe.
by nicole February 27, 2005
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Poor ignorant sods that like talking about boring shit and often say things like "Did you hear the one about the you-know-who?" or "shucks". Men who think all woman are are cute and have no other purpose besides to cook. Deds that ignore their kids and often go on "disability" so they wont have to pay child support and can go on with there wonderful and careless lives. Men who are too weak to kill themselves but everyone wishes they would.
what Bush would be if he hadn't taken the job of another dumbass for president
by nicole August 23, 2004
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something a journalism teacher says incessantly because she sucks at teaching and she can barely walk because she's a fat tub of lard
-Ms. Vivona... can you help me with my essay?
-It's gonna have to wait. I suck at life.
by Nicole February 19, 2004
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the cali/carolina version of the jersey slang term "mad" meaning a lot, very or really
Yo this ish is hella crazy.
by Nicole January 05, 2004
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JJ Redick is the hottest hottie in the world!!!!!!!!! He has the BEST shots! I watch ALL of his games and I am the biggest Duke fan in the world!
I absolutly LUV JJ!!!
by Nicole February 24, 2005
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the used KICK ASS i love em sooooo much they rock!!!!!!!!
the used ROCK!!!
by nicole December 31, 2003
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what Lia is...
Lia is a poopshkin neater!
by Nicole December 11, 2003
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