one who swallows loads of seman
betty is a cum guzzler
by diesel February 15, 2005
One who has a extreme liking for swallowing and does it with great fervor.
Alexis loves choking down my load. She is such a cum guzzler and can't get enough.
by Charlie Golf August 19, 2005
One who immensly enjoys eating the sperm from a male penis.
Angelina Jolie is most definetly a cum guzzler.
by David! June 5, 2006
someone who consumes vast amounts of semen, one known example being Tom Budd
"man, look at Budd, hes such a cum guzzler, i make this statement due to the vast amount of semen that he is consuming at this current moment, and not simply as a derogatory term"
by Jimmy's Mum March 1, 2005
when a girl swallows, instead of spitting
"Yo that bitch is one fine cum guzzler."

"I am not a fucking cum guzzler. I'm a virgin"

"I'm not a cum guzzler, I spit"
by bafm October 17, 2006
cum guzzler is a term for one who ingulfs its throat with cum and guzzles down the semon
patrick don't be a cum guzzler
by arien and jamie March 1, 2008
someone who drinks a lot of cum
Dave Klaas, Jeol Klaas, Leo Anthony, and Mama Adhel are cum guzzlers
by mr mike gossman April 12, 2007