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a bookish, often bespectacled member of the flat-shoe wearing community. May be confused with a heterosexual, dowdy female
Look at the girl with the books, do you reckon she's a lesbitarian?
by nathdogg September 24, 2003

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Term for slightly overstretched labia. Horrendous insult that should only be used under extreme duress or for cheap laughs. Wil lresult in violence or bemusement.
"Fuck off, don't talk about my funny-shaped cock, your minge is like the hanging curtains of Babylon."
by Nathdogg September 11, 2003

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Opposite of golden handshake. When one loses their job with no compensation.
You think you're going to be made redundant with a big fat payoff but no, you get the brown handshake. Do not collect any money, just clear your desk and get the hell outta here!
by Nathdogg June 02, 2004

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The blood and lady bits that a woman excretes during her period.
Urggggh, your bitch ketchup's got lumps in it!
by Nathdogg July 19, 2004

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1. Item of footwear
2. Huge turd which may be caused by eating too much oriental food. Said turd will clog up the toilet.
"Man, I just to Wagamama's a totally pigged out. I had to go to the toilet immediately but left a Japanese Clog in there. The pan totally overflowed."
by nathdogg April 05, 2004

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what most wage slaves crave, redundancy with a fat payoff.
I wasn't needed anymore, I knew I was going to lose my job but when the boss called me into his office he gave me a golden fuck off. I made 20K!
by Nathdogg June 02, 2004

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To be emasculated, either imediately or over a period of time. e.g. dressing like a woman or being on the receiving end of a strap-on or generally being the bitch in a relationship.
My girlfriend wears the trousers around here, me? I'm just totally mimsified.
by nathdogg September 02, 2003

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