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Kamloops is not the ghetto of BC. It is the last standing city that has a proper ratio of rednecks, blue collars, shitty drivers. Prince George is the ghetto of BC.
Kamloops is nothing compared to Prince George. Where Prince George's prison smells better than their pulp mill, and prostitutes freely walk at noon.
by L-to-the-C September 12, 2007
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A mid sized city in British Columbia. It is located in the province's interior desert. Kamloops is one of the interior's largest cities.
Kamloops is a sprawling city with few redeeming qualities, but it is still better than Williams Lake.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
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a settle but gay little town in British Columbia. It smells like rotting decaying fish. Probably because Canadians smell like fish anyway.
Kamloops is gay,

Cockzilla, Gayaien, fat apallo, Gayaden < CROATIONattack + SmurfTacuIar

by Kyle Samuelsson July 05, 2008
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Kamloops is a redneck city located in Interior British Columbia. It is completly surrounded by farms, and is slowly dying inside. Kamloops also has one of the worst WHL teams ever to skate on the ice. It is said to be "The Tournament Capital of Canada" because of all the sports played there. Whatever you do, try not to get stranded in Kamloops.
"Mom, please tell me again why were going to Kamloops
by LazyHamburger September 19, 2018
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