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Pretty much the coolest girl you could ever meet. Like no joke. She's so beautiful and athletic. You'd be lucky to know a girl named Brinn.
"Dude, have you met Brinn?"
"Um, yeah. She's pretty much the coolest person ever."
by Lalalalalallama June 22, 2013
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girl with the biggest ass you've ever seen
oh dude thats brinn
by jillsoccer9 April 07, 2017
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Brinn is the best thing that ever happend to me. If you meet a Brinn snatch her up because you won't regret it. Brings you luck every step of the way.
#awesome girl #best thing that ever happens to every guy or girl who has a Brinn in they're life.
by Bake bonnets November 06, 2017
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Brinn is an amazing girl she's usually always sweet and nice to everyone. She can get annoyed with people but she wont show it for the benefit of her and them. She definitely holds her feelings back because she doesn't want to seem selfish. She is very insecure about herself and she cares about what people think about her sadly. She is smart, athletic, nice, gorgeous, and overall a great person to be around. She cares so so much about her friends and would do anything for them. She gets random periods of sadness that she pushes throw and doesn't show because she doesn't want the attention base on her. She loves complements and it makes her feel so good about herself. She usually looks down about herself. SHe gets sad over boys big time but and she doesnt show it when she likes one but if your the boy she likes you will be able to tell trust me. If you meet a girl named Brinn talk to her and she will instalenty like you if your a good person, she so caring.
" I love Brinn she's perfect in every way"

" I know she's the nicest person"
by ladaladalada November 09, 2018
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