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First of all, Bam is not the "best skater on the face of the earth". He's only popular because of Jackass and Viva La Bam. People who this he is "God" are stupid because he's just another skater. HE did not start CKY, and most "skater" girls and posers only like CKY and HIM because Bam listens to it.
Fan Of CKY and HIM because of Bam: man i love CKY and HIM! theyre so awesome!
Real Fan: man u just like them cause of Bam!
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: NO! I totally listend to them before he was popular!
Real Fa: so where are they from?
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: PHILLY! (or PA)
REal Fan: europe, idiot.
by molly September 02, 2004
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the stuff that got me drunk for the first time
smirnoff is awesome
by molly December 16, 2003
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A really cute and cool way people say sorry!
Boy: Hey you didnt answer your phone
Girl: Im sowwy
Boy: ok.....
by molly September 02, 2004
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a young innocent child who must be informed of the world; created by Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo
"Oh listen tender lumplings let me take you by the hands. I'll take you from this hell-hole to the Promised Land. But don't blame me, oh children, if those promises don't keep. 'Cause promises, like lives, can be bought so very cheap."
by Molly December 09, 2004
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the act of poking someone in th butt, clothed or naked. The pokwe must be as close to the asshole as possible
I oil checked Jade while she was bending over and Alisha oil checked Molly.
by Molly August 25, 2004
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Every one should want to be Homer Simpson.
1) He never has to do anything.... Marge does it for him.
2) He gets to come home to a giant meal, beer, and the TV. (What more could you ask for in life.)
3) He is one of the stars so no matter how much he fucks up he still never gets in trouble.
4) No matter how bad things are he can still laugh. Not because he has hope...but because he has no damn clue what the hell is going on.
5) All he has to do at work is sit there and eat donut.

** I could go in and on about him but if you aren't convinced now that he has it good then...get a fucking life!!! **
The Simpson’s is the best fucking show ever and for those who don't think so.... you can go suck a male camel stick!!!
by Molly May 09, 2003
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A statement used that questions the validity of a statement. Similar to the phrase "are you for real?"
Ellen: Oh my goodness, today my father purchased a new ride for me! A 2005 Benz!

Janet: For cereal!?!?!
by Molly May 06, 2005
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