55 definition by molly

like someone that doesnt change just because other people around them do and no one is ever like them at all, theyre so different and original and interesting, the type of originality can vary a lot so u can use this word to define many people
that boy with his unusual eye is such a creato i want to define him but i can't. there are no words to explain this boy.
by molly October 27, 2002

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Ok, at my school My stupid teacher dosent let us wear them. Yeah, they're sex bracelets, but no one breaks them off and just goes and fucks the the hell outta eachother. heres what they mean where I come from:
Red-Lap dance
Clear-Whatever Snapper Wants
by Molly March 19, 2004

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short for: beer cavity.
a cavity in your tooth resulting from drinking too much beer
kara had to go to the dentist to take care of her beer cav because she forgot to bring her toothbrush to the party last weekend
by molly April 11, 2006

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A term used to give props to the big guy. Expressed usually when commenting on something of intrest or liking.
Hey man did u check out the totally cool audi?
Yeah dude it was totally shizzle to the nizzle!
by molly December 31, 2003

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A word that I never have seen a true example of in my life. Thank you George W. Bush and the rest of the goverment of the United States of America for never showing me any acts of peace so far in my life.
" Mom what is peace? I've never seen it before? Have you?"
by Molly January 19, 2004

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short for: beer cavity

(n) a cavity in one's tooth as a result of too much beer drinking and not enough tooth brushing.
Molly: Hey Kara, wanna kick it after school?

Kara: I would, but I have to go to the dentist to get my beer cav filled! I'm definitely bringing a tooth brush to our next party!
by molly April 19, 2006

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another name for the head games that a man or a woman plays with one another in a relationship.
I wish Jim would grow up and stop playing reindeer games with the women he dates.
by Molly October 15, 2004

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