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A writer, a true person, a book berd, listens to great music, loves Harry Potter, has a hot boyfriend, great style without trying, everyone's friend, beautiful girl, amazing girl, awesome girl, resides in a small town, lovable, all around magnificent.
Man that girl is really a Delaney.
by Molly June 17, 2006

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1.) to get screwed over, jipped
2.) to get ripped off
3.) to lose
Oh man, you got nigged!!
by Molly January 03, 2004

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a goalie in hockey who lets in a lot of goals.
"I'm not drafting that horrible goalie, he's a siv!"

"Dude, that goalie let in 8 goals in one period! He's such a siv!"
by Molly December 26, 2004

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An abbreviated form of:

Shut The Fuck Up

Often used in the popular internet comic "Little Gamers" and on internet message board and chat rooms across the nation.
The Sims is teh suxorz.
by molly November 15, 2003

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When everthing goes dark,
When everyone is gone,
When you finally see what that bright light really is.
Th eonly thing i fear in life is death,
Not beacause Everything's over,
Not because everyones gone,
Because of the darkness...
by Molly February 28, 2005

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the stuff that got me drunk for the first time
smirnoff is awesome
by molly December 16, 2003

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fuckin hot ass guy that i love
dude, theres my boyfriend, brant!
by MOLLY January 17, 2004

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