(Off South Park)

The word Mr. Mackey uses instead of saying "sex" to Ms. Chokesondick in the hit cartoon, South Park.
How long has it been since you had... doobers?
by Jeffro June 01, 2007
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n. a dumb or idiotic person, someone who is completely out of touch, an utter dork
"Man that guy with the razor scooter and snowboard goggles for sunglasses is a doober
by La Tigra April 18, 2004
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a combonation of dork and goober. Commonly used for people who cant be quite defined as either of the two.
by cloudshine July 22, 2008
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The set of empty parenthesis required in Java or C++ syntax for method calls with no parameters.
"Dude, no wonder your code won't compile, you forgot the doobers on the asString() method call!"
by TimS May 11, 2005
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