the process of kneeling before an ancient torture device and consuming symbols of flesh and blood to celebrate the day of the pagan god of the sun, Ra
Guy 1: I'm in a cult.
Guy 2: Seriously?
Guy 1: Yeah. I go to church and take communion every Sunday.
by lolitolduitwouldbthere2morrow September 20, 2009
"You drink wine and pretend it's blood? What are you, a vampire wannabe?"
by devilzukin December 2, 2003
A person who is doing a communion or is going through a communion.
Omg Phil is being communionated today I'm so excited!!!
by Gerald Peterson May 13, 2017
When you're too lazy to get a glass of something so you drink right out of the bottle and proceed to wipe where your mouth was like they do with the wine at communion.
Guy 1: "Dude cmon why are you drinking right out of the apple juice?"
Guy 2: "Its alright I'll communion it"
by ImmediateAce January 25, 2015
Those hella good crackers served with free wine in a dimly lit yet nicely air-conditioned room that you find yourself constantly yawning in.
The only reason my parents gave me education at a Catholic school was because of the perks- free wine, and those hella good wafers. What are they called? Oh ya...

Communion wafers.
by Person11234 June 8, 2019
When you eat a girl out while she has a full blown yeast infection and is on her period- "Bread and Wine"
I had a holy communion last night with that slow girl down the street , can I borrow your toothbrush?
by Jdan Cutsem September 17, 2017
Someone who leaves church right after communion is given and cannot wait that extra 10 minutes remaining of mass.
Billy: Mom, where's Mrs. Jones going?
Mom: Oh she's a communion ditcher, her time is way to precious to wait another ten minutes.
by Poopsoda16 May 9, 2011