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Also known as Tony Asshole Blair. He wants to evict the Queen so he can have kinky royal sex with George W(anker) Asshole Bushraider Bush because then Mr Bushy can have even more power than those stupid ignorant yanky asswipes have already stupidly given him so he can go and bomb some innocent civilians for the sheer yanky fun of it because Tony Asshole Blair isnt around to have sexy royal throne sex with him on the (ex) Queens throne.
Mr Asshole Blair: Er, er, eh-i-i-i i did what you a-a-a-sked of me oh-oh gracious holy one
Mr Asshole Bushy: He-he-he-he now bend over backwards for me or ill bomb some more innocents
Mr Asshole Blair: *bends over*
Mr Asshole Bushy: *Begins to ride Mr Blair like he has never been ridden before until he fucking bleeds!!
by Mizzle March 20, 2005

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State of confusion and puzzlement. Can be shortened to confuzzed
'A': Hey dooood have you seen that new gynograplastic umentilizer kimertyohlingulizement counter??
'B': *Confuzzled*
by Mizzle December 14, 2004

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A small eastern European nation, just downwind of Chernobyl.
"Where shall we go on vacation?"
"How about Molvania, the land untouched by modern dentistry!"
by Mizzle January 19, 2004

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A bubble blown using me-your-mum-and-her-anus quality cum, generally found to be sticky and chewy and a gum-like texture
After delivering a shamefully shitty blow job, the cheerleader began to blow a bubble with the sticky, chewy, gum-like cum that was left in her mouth. This pitiful attempt at entertainment actually turned on the jock and he spurted more in her mouth so she could do it again, since she swallowed the lot before....25 years to digest whore!
by Mizzle October 11, 2004

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An aussie male who dedicates his life to buttfucking wallaby bill and innocent squirrels on his sadass asstralian squirrel farm. Maybe one day he may decide upon fucking a kangaroo or a koala.
You fucking retard! Why the fucking fuck are you fucking that innocent squirrel and giving that wallaby bill a pearl necklace. You sick fucking ASSTRALIAN!!
by Mizzle October 11, 2004

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A cake made of fish, or a fish made of cake, i cant decide...
Mmmm fishcakes!
Your mum smells like a fishcake!
by Mizzle December 16, 2004

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The shexy blonde one! (Laurens mizzle)
AKA Jo-lo
Hey jorday!
Whats up Jorday!!
by Mizzle October 10, 2004

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